Monday, January 20, 2014

What to Keep, Toss and Buy for 2014

If you’re tired of browsing the sales stock from the previous season for some style inspiration, get a jumpstart on your annual wardrobe by cleaning up your closet and making way for new purchases. While a total wardrobe revamp isnt always realistic (though I wish it was!), there are still plenty of pieces and undying trends to hang on to and carry in to 2014. 
Get ready to shed some wardrobe weight and find out just what to keep, toss and buy this year. 


The floral prints will continue with us to 2014, whether as a top, dress or pants.


This checker pattern is here to stay.


My favorite metallic pieces are in the accessorize department.


Fashion is all about street style.


Designer labels

I just hate those people which think that since they have a designer label on their clothes, they look trendy.

Wedge Sneakers

Come on!! just because your friend has a pair of this, doesn't mean you should too.

Mirrored Sunglasses

Not cool!!!

                                               Really? she had to also wear mustache?


It was cute at first but now it's just a drag.


Crop Tops

In every color, pattern and shape.

                                    American Apparel
                                                               Sister's Old One

Culottes (skort)

This are my favorite. I have dozen of those.

                                                                 Nasty Gal

                                                                                         Nasty Gal  

Something Sheer

Makes every outfit glamorous yet feminine .



Works best with skirts and dresses.

                                       Nanette Lepore
                                                                     Yes Style
                                                               Magdelena Velevska

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