Friday, July 26, 2013

Hollywood's dress list

The good dressers
Scarlett Johansson, press line for Captain America
Versace Dress
Floral, colorful, full of life, flattering, elegant and youthful - Versace dress is all I'm looking for in a hot summer day outfit, as part of an official event. Black shoes and defined eye makeup give the dark and mysterious touch.
                                             Scarlett Johansson | Photo: Getty Images
 Miranda Kerr, Samantha Thavasa event in Japan
Erdem dress
 A colorful summer dress, pink lipstick, pink handbag and pink sandals with spiky rivets. I might have given up on the bag but the shoes are a must have.
                                                                      Miranda Kerr | Photo: Getty Images         

Lily Collins, press line for The ''City of Bones''
Matching crop top and short set from Paper London

So like I already noted, the crop tops are back and there are different ways to wear them. Collins chose a matching black and white print set which made her look mature and sophisticated.

Rachel Bilson, "The To Do List" Premiere
Oscar de la Renta Dress

First of all it should be noted that the color is no less but stunning. The figure is interesting and the decoration flowers with sequins are equally charming. The dress ranges from elegant and tailored to young and sweet in a mini skirt and a mini trail behind - which could have extended Bilson, but the dress is in the right size and displays the glory of Bilson's figure.

Rachel Bilson | Photo: Getty Images
Hailee Steinfeld, Ender's Game Press Preview
Kenzo dress

Hailee's dress is simply perfect for the event. the orange-red color looks great on her, the eye print is unique and edgy and the shoes add a futuristic touch, not to mention the cool manicure which matches the dress.

    Check out Hailee's manicure:                                       

The bad dressers

Rihanna, Shopping at Roberto Cavalli's boutique
Original Adidas overall Laufning Srmoni

Rihanna is bold, she has the character of a trend setter and usually it's totally working for her, but this time it seemed that she tried a little to hard. The overall is not flattering and looks cheap.

 Solange Knowles 'Blue Jasmine' Premiere
 Total SA's Luke Prada

Beyonce's cool sister disappointed me in a terrifying Prada look, from head to toe I didn't find a single item I liked. The dress is boxy and unflattering; the flower applications, with all do respect to Prada, are just not pretty; the styling with the bag and the shoes doesen't work - in short, a disaster.

                                                     Solange Knowles | Photo: Getty Images

Jessica Chastain, Photography Festival G'ofni
Alex Perry dress

Stunning dress, the zipper in the front is a perfect addition to add and the shoes only upgrade the look. What's the problem then? the size. A tight and smothery dress emphasizes what it shouldn't and does not do justice with Chastain's great body.

                                                         Jessica Chastain | Photo: Getty Images

Courtney Kardashian, swimwear view of wildfox
  Versace Dress

Kardashian was excited to wear her dress from seventh grade ( so she said), colorful combined with pop culture and motorcycles. It's interesting that as much as the dress suits young age, the person who wears it looks to old to fit into it.

                                                             Courtney Kardashian | Photo: Getty Images

 Jennifer lawrence, "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" And "I, Frankenstein" Press Line
Proneza Schouler crop top and skirt

 I am a major Jennifer Lawrence fan, but can someone get the girl some pencil skirts? Her stylist keeps trying to dress her in Diane Kruger outfits, when she would look so much better in less-fussy but still daring pieces. Lady's got curves, so let her work them.


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