Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Comeback of the team shirts

In the spirit the of maccabiah and the Neintiz scent that refuses to fade away, the sporty trend gets the gold medal.With or without pants, sneakers or heels, the team tops are occupying the streets.
                                                               Replay | Photo: Sulva Sondsbo
There is no doubt that 2013 summer will go down as a record holder Neintiz comebacks. To the belly shirts, overalls, caps and netting gowns joins a strong overseas trend , you guessed it, straight from the nineties.

Rihanna is one of the sprearhead of the current trend, in basketball jersey and hockey shirt - both function as dresses. To the basketball jersey she added high converse and to a hockey shirt she added Tom Ford gold sandals. In both versions the effect produced is nonchalant and cool wording "I stole my athlete boyfriend his clothes''.
Kara Delvin was seen this week in a small basketball jersey, skinny jeans, sneakers and a bag and it looked like she is hurrying to the team's locker room. Jordan Dunn was also observed a few days ago at the Wireless Festival of Yahoo with a "Chicago Bulls" tank top, sneakers with flower appliqués of Chanel and of course a backwards hat.

Miley Cyrus also tried this trend and actually decided to wear shorts - so short that you couldn't even notice they exist.
                                                Miley Cyrus, Jordan Dunn and Cara Delvin
Translation to the masses:
1.Asos, Price: 14 pounds (about 84 NIS)
2. Ripley, Price: 249 NIS
3. Topshop, Price: 199 NIS
4. Ripley, Price: 1190 NIS
5. TNT, Price: 59.90 NIS
6. H & M, Price: 99.99 NIS
7. Simple Life, Price: 188 NIS
8. Rookglam, Price: 179 NIS
9. StyleRiver, Price: $ 35




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