Sunday, September 29, 2013

Trend alert: Eye see you

Inspired by ancient cultures, the print that's going to take over our closet is extra creepy.
This winter the outfits will be watching you, so watch your back!
                                                                   Kenzo Winter 2013
About a year ago, the french fashion house ''Kenzo'' launched a sweatshirt with a tiger head on the front which ignited an animal trend that still hasn't subsided. The sweatshirt became a cult among fashionistas who have lots of money in their pocket and the tiger opened a window into a jungle of furry and biting gestures. Meanwhile, while we are debating the leopard and zebra prints, the artistic directors of the brand, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, are doing it again and start a new hit.

The collection launch was accompanied by a brilliant campaign created by ''Toiletpaper'', who stands behind a magazine with the same name and includes the talented Italian artists, Maurizio Cattelan, Micol Tlso and Pierpaolo Ferrari. Like the collection, the photographs are stressful and funny at the same time. They present modeles covered with eye stickers or a pair of hands that seem at first glance like a twisted feet.
Disturbing. Winter campaign2013/2014 of Kenzo
Winter campaign 2013/2014 of Kenzo
From Kenzo's lookbook, Winter 2013/2014
                                       From Kenzo's lookbook, Winter 2013/2014

As expected, more brands began producing more or less successful gestures to Kenzo. ''American Apparel" created a capsule collection in collaboration with Kesh, a british graphic artist. The collection includes a variety items for boys and girls and strong graphic lines of black and white images that look like egyptian or african tattoos.

American Apparel
                                                                     American Apparel

Celebs and bloggers implement >> Kara Delvin, it girl and super model was caught with an American Apparel t-shirt. Florence Welch, singer and fashion icon was observed in a purple jacket of Kenzo and Hailee Steinfeld wore a res drees from the same collection. The bloggers, of course, also follow the trend and record it for everyone to see and copy.
Right to left: Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Welch and Kara Delvin
Diane Kruger 

Translation to the masses >>

1. Phillip Lim, price: 225$
2. Pamela Love, Price: 121$
3. H&M, price: 119 NIS
4. Kenzo, Price: 270 pounds
5. Yoyo studio Yoreinu, Price: 1300 NIS
6. Lulu Guinness, Price: 395 pounds
7. ASOS, Price: 47.25 pounds
8. Chiara Fragn, Price: 145 Euro
9. Kenzo, Price: 404 pounds
10. Jennifer Lucille, Price: $ 125
11. Topshop, Price: 219 NIS

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